Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Reskit Tools for Ops Mgr

In the next couple of week, TechCenter download site will be releasing Reskit tools in a series of reskit tool for OpsManager

1. AD Integration sample. This is a sample script that can be used to automate the process of periodically querying a customer CMDB SQL DB and populating/updating a security group that can be used to assign agents to Management Groups and Management Servers via AD Integration. This simplifies the AD integration configuration in MOM since it is just a simple LDAP query for each Management Server to include all members of the security group.

2. Data Warehouse grooming policy adjustment tool. This is a command line utility that can be used to adjust the data retention settings for individual datasets in the Data Warehouse (there’s currently no UI for this in the product).

3. Effective Configuration Viewer. This is a basic GUI tool that allows the user to select an ME and view rules and monitors being implemented after all overrides have been applied.

4. MOMClean. Command line tool to remove MOM components for servers and clients when they can’t be removed in the normal ways.

5. Ops Mgr Inventory tool. This is primarily intended for use by CSS to capture customer MOM configuration when diagnosing problems.

6. Sample Ops Mgr Vista Gadget.
7. AEM Validation tool. This is a command line tool that injects a specific fault into a process in order to test end-to-end functionality of AEM.

8. AEM Reporting MP. This MP will map known generic errors to specific applications for more meaningful AEM reporting.

9. PowerShell script to set action account on groups of agents.

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