Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cisco/Microsoft OCS 2007 deployment

If you are wondering, here are some facts.

There are two types of PBX integration. Enterprise Voice and Remote Call Control.

1) Remote Call Control NATIVE integration with Cisco is available without a IP Media gateway today with CUPS and CUCM 6.x. This can successfully set up.

2) Enterprise Voice functionality is currently only available today via a 3rd party IP Media gateway. It was expected that Cisco will support native SIP integration to OCS by Q2/Q3 2007. This will definitely require latest version at the time.

Microsoft like many other telephony vendors use their own SIP extensions that are not included in IETF RFC specs.

An one example, since both OCS and CM would in theory have call-control capabilities in an Enterprise Voice deployment, Cisco needs to adopt the MS specifications for Dual-forking to prevent looping.


fabio said...

dear Gill, it's possible to have more information or some links to cisco/microsoft OCS deployment????


Sarbjit Singh Gill said...

Greetings Fabio

You have not shared your profile and i think it would be good to know who you are.

Then maybe we can talk more about what you want.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarbjit.
I work at Cadence Design Systems and we are currently evaluating upgrading our LCS deployment to OCS 2007. We are currently evaluating Cisco for Enterprise voice deployment with OCS. Based on Cisco's MS Collaboration page (
their integration supports features like "click to call" and dual forking. But, as mentioned by you, since Enterprise Voice is not yet supported, these features shold not be possible , right ? I am kind of confused. Either your info is old or Cisco's integration is not available yet. Please suggest..

- Ashutosh

Sandeep Sahni said...

Dear Gill,

i want to implement MS OCS 2007 with Cisco IP Phones. Do you thin it is possible. I need physical phone on everydesk & don't want to be dependent on PC.



Sarbjit Singh Gill said...

Dear Sandeep,

Yes it is possible.

/Sarbjit Singh Gill