Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vista is FASTER and better.

The videos in http://www.trainsignaltraining.com/windows-vista-vs-mac/2008-05-19/ is just another example of how people have created this bad rap for Vista without proper knowledge and understanding of what makes a great computer/laptop.

Here is my experience.

I had a tecra m5 i got in 2006. Recently Windows XP on it has started to be slower. Some drivers just did not work right.

Enter Vista: I replaced the OS with Vista Ultimate. The Tecra M5 is not 50% faster in everything. Outlook 2007 loads and shuts down so much faster. Shutting down and starting up the laptop is faster.

And the wonderful thing was, Vista provided all the drivers out of the box. If i was to install XP on this laptop, i had to get the drivers from Toshiba to make components(audio, WIFI, LAN etc) to work.

By the way it had 2GB RAM, 1.8Ghz and the video adapter that came with it. And yes AERO works :)


Netbob said...

Finally someone talking sense instead of bashing Vista. Good job.

Sarbjit Singh Gill said...

90 millions users cannot be wrong.