Monday, August 10, 2009

"Welcome to the Microsoft Branch Office Savings Calculator"

I have a client which is looking at the ROI for deploying servers to their branch office. Right now PCs/Laptop and even VoIP phones from the branch office connects back to servers and Call Manager in the HQ.

After doing a POC for a Branch Office Scenario, the high management did not approve the purchase of servers for the branch office, which happen to be a vessel. :)

I have been told by the technical manager to justify the branch office scenario using some ROI tool.
Searching around and even trying to do my own, i found this tool: The Microsoft Branch Office Savings Calculator.
"The Branch Office Savings Calculator was developed independently by leading IT research firm IDC, and leading ROI tool developer Alinean, Inc. "

Within 30 min i had a cool 87 page reports and the summary one of 9 pages. i think with some more thing customizing my data, i could have some i could hand over to my client and the senior management.

Give it a try if you have a similar scenario.

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