Monday, December 28, 2009

Microsot's FastStart Kit for UC

Did you know about the FastStart Kit from Microsoft on Unified Communications?
This is especially very useful when working on pre-sales with customer, especially in the Architectural Design Sessions (ADS).

Microsoft has developed a number of pre-sales supporting materials with their FastStart kits. This helps the sales/project team to present ADS in light of an individual product capability possessing the most potential for high impact with the client. Some of them are:
Unified Messaging
Voice and Conferencing

These kits provide a great deal of guidance and content that may be heavily leveraged when creating deliverables for an ADS project. Each provides architecture with emphasis on a particular client interest or concern and each contains a comprehensive execution guide, ADS PowerPoint presentation, Discussion Guide, and FAQ document.

Here are some download links:

Unified Communications – Voice and Conferencing FastStart Kit
Unified Communications – Security FastStart Kit
Unified Communications – Unified Messaging FastStart Kit

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