Sunday, November 29, 2009

Installing DPM 2010 Beta in my production.

Installed DPM 2010 beta in a live production environment.
There was very little data on migrating from DPM 2007 SP1 to DPM 2010.

Procedures (#HINT: Read the beta documentation for the basics on the setup. There are also documents on recovery, client protection, SharePoint item level restore etc.).
1. Stopped protection group and retained the protected data.
2. removed the agents (DPM 2007 Sp1) from protection machines.
3. DPm 2010 was installed on a new hardware. Windows 2008 r2 base OS and DPM 2010 Beta. Installation went on without a problem .
4. Installed agents DPM 2010 beta to the servers. They were automatically installed from DPM 2010 Management Console.

Protections Group
Servers i wa protecting in DPM 2007 SP1 were:
Windows 2003 R2 / Windows 2003
SQL Server 2005
SharePoint 2007 SP2
Exchange 2003 Sp2 (Front end and mailbox)
Windows XP SP3 clients.

Moving these servers to protection with DPM 2010 beta, i had this issues.
For a Windows 2008 R2 protected machine i had to install a Windows Server backup before i could successfull add server to a protection group. This was my domain controlller running Windows 2008 R2 which was trying to get the System State back-ed up.

On my exchange 2003 SP2 servers on a Windows 2003 Sp2, i needed a Windows 2003 patch. KB940349 to allow me to backup the exchange storage groups.

Now i am getting issues with Exchange files eseutil not executing. The DPM 2010 is x64 and my exchange 2003 is 32 bit (of course). i loaded the eseutil files to the DPM as requested but seems like it is not working.

The SharePoint 2007 SP2 protection worked like a charm once i had solved the WSS Writer Failures issues with ConfigureSharePoint.exe.

Will write about eseutil once i get it solved.

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