Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mathematics for Automotive Engineering

Cylinder volume = (π/4) x bore2 x stroke

Displacement = (π/4) x bore2 x stroke x number of cylinders

Displacement of overbore = (π/4) x (bore + overbore)2 x stroke x number
of cylinders

Stroke = displacement/( π/4 x bore2 x number of cylinders)

Compression ratio = (cylinder + chamber volume)/chamber volume

Piston speed in inches per minute = 2 stroke in inches x rpm

Horsepower = (rpm x torque)/5252

Bhp loss = (elevation in feet/1000) x 0.03 x (bhp at sea level)

Horsepower = (mean effective pressure x displacement x rpm)/792,000

Torque = (mean effective pressure x displacement)/150.8

Theoretical cubic feet per minute = (rpm x displacement)/3456

Racing carb cfm = 1.1 x (rpm x displacement)/3456

Center of gravity behind front wheels = (rear wheel weight/overall
weight) x wheelbase

Drive wheel torque = flywheel torque x first gera x final drive x 0.85

Wheel thrust = drive wheel torque/rolling radius

g = wheel thrust/weight

rpm after shift = (ratio shift into/ratio shift from) x rpm before shift

mph = (rpm x tire diameter)/(gear ratio x 336)

tire diameter = 2 x (section width x aspect ratio)/2540 + rim diameter

Actual mph = (new tire diameter/old tire diameter) x indicated mph

Blood alcohol concentration = (ounces x %alcohol x 0.075)/weight — (hours x 0.015)

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