Friday, January 21, 2005

MS SQL 2000 Security Best Practices and Lock-Down

For those who are new to SQL Server and want some good guides for locking down and security best practise, click "SQL Server 2000 SP3 Security Features and Best Practices". It includes:
•SQL Server 2000 Security Model
•Implementation of Server Level Security and Object Level Security
•Secure Multi-tier Deploymnt
•Checklist: Security Best Practices

The other link you should look at is SQL Server Security Tools.


Saturday, January 15, 2005

Administering, monitoring, and managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 environment.

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Learn about the different aspects of administering, monitoring, and managing your Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 environment.

Contents include:
Disaster Recovery
Additional Resources (includes DEMOS)
Toolbox (Exchange Server 2003 Operations Tools)
Knowledge Base Articles

Under the Performance categories, you would find the "Exchange Server 2003 Performance and Scalability Guide". The entire site is a must for any exchange installation.


Exchange 2003 Disaster Recovery


Recently I was reading lots of queries on Disaster Recovery with Exchange messaging servers. Here is a complete list information from TechNet, including presentations/demos in Windows Media format.

TechNet Briefings Presentations --> Exchange 2003 Disaster Recovery


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Overview of Anti-Spyware tool from Microsoft (with screenshots)

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Here is a URL with link to a nice background history and review of
Microsoft's Anti-SpyWare Tool.


Friday, January 07, 2005

Windows XP Service Pack 2: The Inside Story


Here is the backstage story of Windows XP SP2 during development. Great read. Read what the program manager and his mates went through during Windows XP SP2 development. Very interesting. You would appreciate SP2 so much better. A comment from the article:

"Jim [Allchin] said, we're going to do it big, and we're going to do it once. If we're going to break everything, let's break everything once, but let's fix the problem."