Sunday, February 20, 2005

Top client/server support issues in Microsoft Exchange


This might be helpful. Following at the top client/server support issues in Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Product Support and Services encountered.

Keep this as your resource for troubleshooting your Exchange Server and client installation.

/Sarbjit Gill

Some cool Exchange Tools/Utilities

Firstly is the Exchange Server Topology Diagramming Tool (ExMap).

"Creating topological maps of your Exchange sites, servers, and the connectors belonging to your organization can be a time consuming process. By using the Exchange Server Topology Diagramming Tool (ExMap), you can automatically generate a Microsoft Visio® diagram of your site topology"

The second is a Exinfo.exe.

Exinfo.exe, which is a information collection and diagnostics tool that provides a range of Exchange 2000 Server system state and Active Directory information. Here is the link:;en-us;305816#kb1

Note: Both of this tools are for Exchange but they work fine on Exchange 2003.

/Sarbjit Gill

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Did you know "How Microsoft Does IT?"


Did you know Microsoft has a section on TechNet which is a Showcase that gives IT professionals a unique, insider view into Microsoft's process of developing, deploying, and managing its own enterprise solutions.

Here you’ll find technical case studies and white papers, direct from Microsoft IT, that highlight Microsoft’s key business applications, deployment strategies, early adopter experiences, best practices, and initiatives.