Tuesday, January 23, 2007

32-bit Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2007 MP support for MOM 2007(Operations Manager 2007)

For your information, there is currently a MP for Exchange 2007 for MOM 2005 SP1. This can be converted to a OpsMgr 2007 with some tools from the MOM 2005 ResKit and from the OpsMgr 2007 RC2 installation media. Here are the steps:
Mgmt Pack Convert from 2005 to 20071) Export them from MOM2K5 with Administrator Console2) Use MP2XML from MOM2K5 resource kit to convert the AKM file into a XML file3) Use MPConvert from Ops Mgr installation media to convert the MOM2K5 XML file into a Ops Mgr XML file4) Use Ops Mgr Operator Console to import the XML file as a management pack
Next, i used a 32-bit version of Exchange 2007 Eval edition. All worked well, but then i saw no updates or any information on the Exchange 2007 show up on my OpsMgr 2007 Console.
So i thought it was because i was running a 32-bit version of Exchange. Later i found out, even the 64-bit version of Exchange would have issues. Here are some more details from Microsoft.

32-bit Exchange 2007: This is not officially supported, I believe there are some RTM builds out there (for demo purposes, or to run in a VM). The final word is that Exchange 2007 is 64-bit only.
Exchange 2007 converted on OM 2007: There are a number of issues with the conversion, and the test team is looking at the details (even if it converts and imports – it currently doesn’t work).
Some of the issues may be related to the fact the MOM 2005 Exchange 2007 MP runs on a 32-bit (emulation) MOM agent monitoring the 64bit Exchange server, while the converted MP with OM 2007 uses an 64-bit agent to monitor Exchange 2007. In theory, all should be fine since the helper object (accessing the hosted Powershell) is available in 32 and 64bit, however that the theory only. There may also be some registry issues (looking up the keys in the 32 bit emulation registry). Our team is working with the Exchange team to resolve.

The bottom line is that we have to see what the investigation brings. Right now the plan is to deliver a converted Exchange 2007 MP for OM 2007 RTM

To summarize:
1. MP for Exchange 2007 won't work in MOM 2007 (Ops Mgr 2007) until RTM (in March 2007, i think)
2. MP for Exchange 2007 works well on MOM 2005 SP1.
3. Forget about 32-bit Exchange 2007, unless you wanted to do a quick Exchange 2007 ONLY demo.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Things to Consider Before you Deploy Full Disk Encryption

Read this article on Full Disk Encryption. Sure looks like a best practise kind of document for people considering full disk encryption.

What if you have encrypted a Petabyte of data with your secure storage solution and you then learn either the key or the algorithm is not strong enough? Article by Peter Giannoulis advises computer security managers to consider the lifecyle of the system several years after it is deployed.