Sunday, October 25, 2009

free eBook for Deploying Windows 7

The new eBook from Microsoft Press, Deploying Windows 7, offering essential guidance from the Windows 7 Resource Kit and TechNet Magazine. You'll find selected chapters from the Windows 7 Resource Kit on deployment platforms, planning, and testing application compatibility, to name a few. You'll also get six new articles on Windows 7 from industry experts on migration, running Windows 7 in mixed environments, certification and more. The eBook is free for a limited time.

This book addresses the two issues everyone face in new deployments: application compatibility and deployment

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SharePoint 2010 is here.

The SharePoint 2010 NDA has been lifted as of October 19th, 9:00AM Pacific Standard Time

Here are some SharePoint 2010 links to share with all of you.

- SharePoint 2010 Website - to view SharePoint 2010 in action
- SharePoint 2010 forum- for SharePoint 2010 questions
- SharePoint 2010 PressPass- for the SPC 2009 keynote video, a Q&A with Jeff Teper, and more
- SharePoint 2010 Developer Center - for developer info
- - for IT Pro info
- - for more SharePoint information

File Classification Infrastructure

Was at a "File Classification Infrastructure" presentation at SharePoint Conference 2009 today.
Especially the topic was about SharePoint and the FileShare strategy from Microsoft.

For once there is proper plans on bring SharePoint and FileShare servers/infrastructre from Microsoft.

Read more from here :

I was told it would go beta in the next few days

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

patterns & practices SharePoint Guidance

Project Description

Microsoft develop guidance to help devs and architects build applications on SharePoint. The second version of guidance expanded coverage to LOB integration, content driven applications, and adding enterprise qualities to your SharePoint applications. The release includes a library of reusable components, a guide, and a new reference implementation of a Partner Portal application. It expands upon the first release which delivered a Training Management application, and guidance around unit testing SharePoint, fundamental design and implementation decisions, and how to setup team development environments with SharePoint.

Developing SharePoint Applications - from Patterns and Practices

Developing SharePoint Applications
Guidance for building collaborative applications that extend your LOB systems

The Developing SharePoint Applications guidance helps architects and developers design and build applications that are both flexible and scaleable. It shows developers how to provide IT professionals with the information they need to maintain those applications and diagnose problems when they arise. The two reference implementations illustrate how to solve many of the common challenges developers encounter. One reference implementation addresses basic issues such as creating lists and content types. The other addresses more advanced problems such as how to integrate line of business services, how to create collaboration sites programmatically, and how to customize aspects of publishing and navigation. A library of reusable components helps you adopt techniques used in the reference implementations. The guidance discusses approaches for testing SharePoint applications, such as how to create unit tests, and documents experiences with stress and scale testing one of the reference implementations.

Should You Virtualize Your Exchange 2007 SP1 Environment?

Good place to start with a "checklist" and guide. This scenario applies a lot to what i am doing currently:Branch Office Deployments. Putting virtual servers on branch office with the many tools to assist remote deployments and administration, tremendously helped increase availability and productivity of the folks in the branch office.

Read more from Exchange Team Blog:


SQL Server Tempdb Usage and Bottlenecks tracked with Extended Events

I find this a pretty good and useful information on monitoring performance in SQL Server's Tempdb.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Microsoft Integrated Virtualization ROI Tool

Here is a great tool for ROI calculations just like Branch Office ROI tool i posted about earlier.

This one is the "Microsoft Integrated Virtualization ROI Tool"

The Microsoft Integrated Virtualization ROI Tool was developed independently by ex-Gartner TCO/ROI experts at leading ROI tool developer Alinean, Inc. This ROI tool helps partners and customers examine current production server, development / QA lab, desktop and application virtualization opportunities, quantifying the potential savings, service level and agility benefits, investment and ROI for implementing Microsoft Integrated Virtualization solutions.


Feds Prepare To Make Leap to Windows 7 -- "Feds Prepare To Make Leap to Windows 7"

Exchange 2010 RTM !!!

You Had Me At EHLO... : Exchange 2010 is Code Complete and on its way to General Availability: "Exchange 2010 is Code Complete and on its way to General Availability"

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Monday, October 05, 2009

Configure a server farm for minimal downtime during software updates (Office SharePoint Server 2007)

This article describes how to update Office SharePoint Server farms with minimal downtime. By following the procedures in this article, you can update servers to add the latest service pack or cumulative update without incurring significant downtime for users. This article describes a step-by-step process for Office SharePoint Server farms that incorporate SQL Server mirroring.

You can achieve similar results on Office SharePoint Server farms that are set up in a clustered server environment.

Web Application Measurements Tool

Check out this tool from Keynote which allows you to monitor your online business performance.
Web Application Measurements Tool: "Application Perspective"

Sunday, October 04, 2009

AvePoint News: AvePoint Introduces Free Tool for Item-Level SharePoint Restores from SQL Server and DPM Backups

AvePoint News: AvePoint Introduces Free Tool for Item-Level SharePoint Restores from SQL Server and DPM Backups: "AvePoint Introduces Free Tool for Item-Level SharePoint Restores from SQL Server and DPM Backups"

This is wonderful to hear. I run DPM and SharePoint in my client's environment and i would love to see how this works out.
Will update in the blog if it really works as mentioned or there is a catch.

An early look at SharePoint 2010 | Windows - InfoWorld

An early look at SharePoint 2010 Windows - InfoWorld: "An early look at SharePoint 2010"

"U.S. Government's Official Website Powered by SharePoint"

Microsoft Launches New Open Source CodePlex Foundation : BillS IIS Blog : The Official Microsoft IIS Site

Microsoft Launches New Open Source CodePlex Foundation : BillS IIS Blog : The Official Microsoft IIS Site: "Microsoft Launches New Open Source CodePlex Foundation"